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How to choose the right lifting chain?


In recent years, there have been more and more lifting safety accidents due to problems with the lifting chain. One after another sad accident, one by one fresh life, behind every safety accident, is the destruction of countless families, every bloody lesson is a warning of safety responsibility. Therefore, in the process of building construction, it is very important to prevent the lifting injury accident caused by the lifting chain problem. As we all know, the essential equipment in the crane is the hoisting chain, which can adjust the length of the chain according to the different heights of lifting heavy objects, which plays an important role in improving the working efficiency of the crane. Although the structure of the lifting chain is the same, its material will be different depending on the usage and environment. Choosing the right lifting chain is very important to reduce lifting safety accidents.


We generally use galvanized chain, which has good corrosion resistance, and uses molten metal to form an alloy layer with the substrate, so that the coating and the substrate are closely combined. The appearance is more beautiful, and it has a great price advantage compared with stainless steel chains. Because it is galvanized, a protective film is formed on the surface of the galvanized chain, which can effectively prevent the chain from corroding and rusting.

Its durability and wear resistance have been greatly improved, which can greatly increase the service life. Secondly, the color of the galvanized chain is bright and shiny, which has a very good decorative effect. The high-quality product characteristics of galvanized chain make it widely used. In daily life, it is mainly used for environment, object decoration, safety guardrail, etc. In industrial production, it is mainly used in ships, mining and other industries. Ideal alternative.


If the choice is based on the strength of use, the first choice is the manganese steel lifting chain. The chain of this specification contains manganese and has a strong load-bearing capacity. After adding manganese element, its hardness and toughness will be greatly improved, reducing the brittleness of steel and improving the hot workability of steel. beneficial elements.


If you choose based on functionality, stainless steel lifting chains have an irreplaceable position. The stainless steel chain is easy to clean and maintain, can work in harsh environments, and has strong corrosion resistance. Stainless steel hoisting chains can be used in some high temperature or low temperature environments; stainless steel hoisting chains have been specially treated so that they can be used when it rains and will not be corroded by rain; stainless steel hoisting chains are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can be used for stress In a high and inconvenient lifting environment for maintenance. It can be seen that the stainless steel lifting chain can adapt to the harsh working environment, thus solving a lot of lifting problems for customers.


Each type of lifting chain has its own advantages and characteristics, and has its own more suitable application scenarios. We can comprehensively select the appropriate lifting chain according to its use environment and material advantages.

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