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About Us

Your Reliable Partner for Chain Solutions

Our factory lies in High-technology District with more than 15,000 square meters building, of which the manufacturing warehouse is more than 5,000 square meters. We have 9 automatic production lines that can meet 500,000 high tensile strength load chains productivity.

Our factory is one of the leading manufacturers of chains in local place. Our chains are matched with electric block in the mining industry, equipment installment, construction materials, machineries, war industry, etc.

Our main products are including: high strength ring standards chains (US Standards NACM96, NACM84/90, ASTM80; Germany Standards DIN766, DIN764, DIN5685, DIN5687/5688,DIN22252:2001; British Standards short-ring, mid-ring, long-ring chains, EN818-2; Australian Standards chains. The Norwegian Standards chains, Korean Standards chains, etc), Mining Ring Chains, Mining Compact Chains, Ship Anchor Chains, Rigging Lifting Chains, Binding Chains, High Tensile Strength Lifting Chains, Submerged Conveyor Chains, Stainless Steel Chains, Handle Block Chains, Tyre Protection Chains, Anti-skid Chains, etc. And we are specializing in some high tensile strength chains for 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons weight load chains. Moreover, all the customized chains are done according to customers’ different requirements.

Our chains are mostly exported to more than 30 countries both in European and Asian markets. We try our best to supply the best quality and best service for our customers in the world.