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The relationship between the grade of the lifting chain and the diameter


The lifting chain is divided into grades. The higher the grade of the lifting chain, the higher its strength and the stronger its load. However, But there are a lot of people's understanding is that there is such a misunderstanding, . Many people think that the lifting chain with high grade is large in size and diameter, but the fact is this? Next, let's briefly popularize the classification of lifting chain.



In fact, the diameter is not the factor to divide the grade of the lifting chain, and the strength does not necessarily have enough diameter. Although it is undeniable that the larger the diameter of the lifting chain with the same material and manufacturing process, the greater the strength. However, in practical application, the high-strength lifting chain does not only work on the diameter.


The classification of lifting chain is more through a series of complex procedures such as production technology and material selection, and the most direct embodiment is the pulling force, which can also be regarded as the safety factor. The safety factors of lifting chains with different grades and the same diameter are absolutely different, resulting in the grade difference of lifting chains.



Take our most common g80 lifting chain as an example. There is G100 above g80. G100 is not common. Grade 100 chain rigging is made of special materials. Under the same diameter, the strength is 25% higher than that of Grade 80, while the strength of grade 120 chain is 25% higher than that of Grade 100. It can be seen that there is no absolute relationship between the high grade of the lifting chain and the diameter. 

lifting chain Grade 80 chain Grade 100 chain

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