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Marine Anchor Chain Swivel group (E+SW+EL+C) Forerunner Piece close left right

Marine Anchor Chain Swivel group (E+SW+EL+C) Forerunner Piece

Swivel Forerunner(Swivel Piece) include End Link, Enlarged Link, Swivel, Enlarged Link and Common Link, commonly used to connecting End Shackle and anchor chains. 

Joining the stud link chain and the anchor, a 3-link or 4-link swivel forerunner is the most common swivel-connector in use today due to its optimal design. The anchor-side of the swivel forerunner is open for fitting a "D" end shackle. The other side is a common link to fit a Kenter joining shackle. The swivel forerunner is produced to ISO 1704 standards.


Regular Joining Form: E+EL+SW+EL+C

Material: Steel CM490/CM690

Grade: U2/U3