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AC-14 High Holding Power (HHP) Anchor close left right

AC-14 High Holding Power (HHP) Anchor

The AC-14 High Holding Power (HHP) Anchor is called the generation of the rodless anchor. The anchor crown is very wide, the anchor claws are thick and long, and there are longitudinal edges. This anchor is heavy and has great grip. Good stability. It is often used as the main anchor of large container ships, car carriers and very large oil tankers, and is a commonly used anchor in Europe, America and Japan.

AC-14 High Holding Power(HHP) Anchor is a high holding power anchor, usually used as a bow anchor. Used on a variety of large transport ships and ships.

     It has passed China CCS, China Ship Inspection Bureau ZC, French BV, Italian RINA, British LR, German GL, Norway DNV, Japan NK, South Korea KR, and American ABS certification.