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Stainless steel anchor Chain

The stainless steel anchor chain is a chain connected between the anchor and the hull, which is used to transmit the anchoring force and buffer the external force on the ship. A complete anchor chain is composed of several sections of anchor chain connected by connecting links or connecting shackles, and each section of the anchor chain is composed of many links.

(1) According to the structure of the chain link: the anchor chain is divided into two types: bolted column chain and non-bolted column chain. When the size and material are the same, the strength of the bolted column chain is larger than that of the non-bolted column chain, the tensile strength is about 20% larger, the deformation is small, and it is not easy to twist when stacking, so it is widely used on sea ships. Boltless post chains are generally only used in small boats


Main parameters of stainless steel anchor chain quality

1. In terms of material selection of stainless steel anchor chain, choose stainless steel that meets AISI standard, and requires moderate softness;

2. The chain opening of the small anchor chain needs to be welded, the chain opening of the large anchor chain should be matched without deviation, the size of each small chain body should be symmetrical, and the spacing should be standard;

3. The quality of electrolysis reaches the standard of white, clean and bright.

4. The main application scenarios are yachts, boats, etc.

5. Products with 316, 304, 201 and other materials can be provided.

6. The corrosion resistance is several times that of ordinary anchor chains.

Inspection of stainless steel anchor chain

     If the stainless steel anchor chain is not magnetic at all, and only 400 series materials are magnetic. Because, he is ferrite. The 300 series belongs to the Austenite body. Also note that. The fact that the chain is not magnetic does not mean that it is 304, because there are now 201 and 202 materials. According to the international standard, the nickel content of 201 and 202 materials should be 2 nickels and 4 nickels, for example; 1 nickel 0.8 nickel 0.3 nickel. The content of 304 is 8 nickels. You can buy potion points. To buy 8 nickels. You can also do a spectrometer.