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Anchor Chain
Kenter Shackle close left right

Kenter Shackle

The kenter shackle comprises of two separate halves which are joined together with a centre chock and secure taper pin, which locks to the halves together. Kenters are used to join together majority of chains and typically in the marine industry they are used to join together anchor and mooring chains.

Dismantling the kenter joining shackle for re-use is straightforward. Simplepy use a punch to drive out the taper pin, this will dislodge the lead pellet which holds the pin in place. Then tap the centre chock away and the two halves will disassemble.


Made from heavy duty forged steel
Used to join two anchor chains together
Used in the marine industry to join together mooring and anchor chains
Variety of sizes and weight available

Materials: CM490/CM690

Grade: U2/U3